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Incredicon's Interview for Space Captain

Check out this interview by Michael Grassia of Incredicon with the creative team behind Space Captain: Captain of Space, Jeff Sproul (Writer), Lindsey Moore Sproul (Co-Director) and Jeremy Mather (Co-Director, Editor).

Skip to the 14 minute mark for a special shout out in which the interviewer calls me a bitch! Don't worry, it's accurate. 

Space Captain: Captain of Space!

Now streaming on Amazon Prime, this 90 minute comedy is a love letter to the old space serials a la Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon.

I play Princess Astra, daughter of the evil King Xayno of planet Argor! This movie has everything: Spaceships, laser gun battles, existential dread, therapy, cat-beasts, and lots of attempts at a Mid-Atlantic accent.

Tracing Spheres

Purple Crayon Immersive

A totally free, totally online mystery game, this puzzle-based adventure will take you through Instagram and beyond on a search for a missing treasure.

I developed this game with my partners at Purple Crayon Immersive as a gift to all the Immersive Theatre enthusiasts stuck in quarantine. You won't see my face but you might see my cat!

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